Best pancake house on Aruba!

Every day is Pancake Day in Aruba! So work up that appetite and visit us today!

Crazy Pancakes is in the heart on the hotel strip of Palm Beach. A legend in this parts, the Crazy Pancakes is famous on Aruba. Just ask the locals queuing up for a table every weekend. With a menu as long as the island, the restaurant’s whopping pancakes come in every flavour combination imaginable – all served up in cosy, outside surroundings.

A range of sweet and savoury pancakes! Dutch pancakes are savory and served with bacon, ham, Gouda cheese, or a combination of two. They are also served with sweet fruits like pineapples, bananas or apples. Also they are rolled with delicious fillings – strawberries, or bananas and then slathered in syrups and whipped cream. But don’t leave without trying the famous ‘poffertjes’ – mini pancakes covered in powdered sugar. Gluten free options are available too. Oh and the coffee is sensational too. You can also compose your own pancake!

You can rest assured you’ll always leave with a belly full of tempting delights made fresh from scratch each and every day. We will hold your table for 15mins from your booking time, after that it will be released for other guests. We are open daily from 7am to 2pm.

We’re your premier breakfast restaurant in Aruba, when you’re craving all the scrumptious morning dishes just like grandma used to make. Whether you’re coming by for an early breakfast or later around lunchtime, be ready to enjoy the best-tasting dishes served by friendly folks in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

It’s always time for pancakes! We could eat pancakes for breakfast, and pancakes for lunch. We could eat pancakes all day, every day! Crazy Pancakes Aruba serves the best pancakes in Aruba. Just a quick view from our Instagram account. Share the pancake love too @crazypancakesaruba